About Me

I started writing and publishing books ten years ago.  Up until then, I was busy mothering four children, working as a registered nurse in local hospitals,  and being a supportive wife to my first husband who died October 15, 2002.   By that time, all of our children were grown and married.  I sold my house and built one on Dauphin Island, Alabama.  The island is located about five miles off the coast below Mobile in the Gulf of Mexico and access is gained by a long causeway and a three-mile bridge.  The island is thirteen miles long and is one mile wide at its widest part.  There are approximately 1200 permanent residents that live on the island full-time.  However, we have winter tourists from the north, escaping the snow and local summer tourists escaping the heat to swim in the gulf waters, fish in both the gulf, the Mobile Bay, and the Mississippi Sound.  Some people like to lie down on the snow-white beaches to get a suntan. 

After my first husband died, I was single for thirteen years.  I attended Dauphin Island Baptist Church and met my present husband.  His wife died in 2011.  After dating him for three years, we were married in a quaint little chapel with sixty of our friends present.  I sold my house and moved into his which is located on water on the Mississippi Sound side of the island.  We have a nice beach house with a long glassed-in sunroom on the water side.  I am entertained in the summer watching people heading out to fish in their boats, kayaking, paddle boarding, and watching the seagulls diving for fish.  These are some pictures from our sunroom.  I feel as if I live in paradise.